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Employment Services

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. The Arc of Wabash County provides job training, community employment opportunities, and life skills that support future employment for individuals with disabilities.

Reachability Enterprises

Reachability Enterprises encompasses Shredz of Hope, Pre-Vocational Industrial Services, Travel Bee Coffee House, and our Art Retail program.

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Art Retail

Coming in 2024, the Art Retail program will include an art gallery and vocational arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original pieces.

Pre-Vocational Industrial Services

Individuals who work in our Pre-Vocational Industrial Services workshop learn transferable work skills and soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace, all within the context of achieving individual goals. Skills developed include compliance with workplace regulations and rules, interpersonal workplace relationships, problem-solving, punctuality, and task completion. Individuals enrolled in Pre-Vocational Industrial Services are paid for the work completed for local businesses and industries. All individuals receive guidance, mentoring, and supervision from qualified and trained job coaches. Many individuals in our Pre-Vocational Industrial Services use the skills they learn to enter our Community Employment program to obtain competitive employment. There are currently 48 clients employed in Pre-Vocational Industrial Services.

Thank you to our community partners that supply work to our Pre-Vocational Industrial Services.

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Sunrise Employment Services

Sunrise Employment Services encompasses Community Employment, Pre-Employment Transition (Pre-Ets) Services and Project Search.

Community Employment

Our Community Employment program is a partnership with the Indiana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. All individuals in our Community Employment program are referred to The Arc of Wabash County after an initial application and assessment process with Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Once referred to The Arc of Wabash County, community employment participants receive one-on-one service to explore their strengths, interests, and skills to determine an appropriate employment goal. Participants explore various job sites by conducting tours, job shadowing, on-the-job training, and interviews. Once employment is gained a participant can receive up to 24 months on the job supported employment services with a qualified job coach to ensure long-term employment success. After 24 months, continued support is available through follow-along services if the participant feels it is needed.

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