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Arc provides Pre-Vocational Services, Sheltered Work training
and Community Employment and Supported Empolyment Follow-Along services.

Sheltered Work


Individuals in our Sheltered Work Program learn skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Arc staff train people on work and work-related skills while they perform paid jobs subcontracted from Wabash County businesses and industries. They receive bi-weekly paychecks for the work they do. Arc's Shark Shredding and Cardboard Recycling Services, through which we shred confidential documents for Wabash County individuals and businesses, is a part of our Sheltered Work program. We also provide bulk mail services for many companies.

Community-Based Sheltered Work

Some businesses prefer that we bring our workers to them rather than taking the subcontract work to our Workshop. When this happens, we take a small group of people from our Workshop and at least one staff member to work at the business or industry location. This is a great opportunity for the industry's employees to see the skills of the people we serve, it gives the people we serve the opportunity to work in a community business setting, and it allows businesses to keep their producton on site.

Contact Arc at (260)563-8411 if you are interested in any of these employment services.

Pre-Vocational Services


Individuals in Pre-Vocational Services learn skills to prepare them for either paid or unpaid work. Work related skills such as good attendance, compliance, problem solving, safety, and task completion are emphasized. Individuals receive work education, monitoring, supervision, and support to achieve skill acquisition and retention.

Community Employment and
Supported Employment Follow-Along Services


Employment Support staff work closely with Vocational Rehabilitation Services to help people with disabilities find and apply for jobs, and learn new work skills.

Arc staff can also provide the extra help and follow-along support that people may need to be successful in their community jobs. At a minimum, staff visit each employment site two times each month to monitor the employee's progress. Arc staff also give employee training and support as needed or requested by the employer or employee. The primary purpose of this service is to assist people in retaining their job in the community.

Job Coaches