The Arc Wabash, serving developmentally disabled adults and their families since 1954.

Arc's Bulk Mailing Services:

The United States Postal Service requires mailings over 200 pieces to comply with certain design limitations. Each piece must be bar-coded and bundled in pre-sorted order before they will handle the mailing at the less expensive automation letter rate or the bulk rate.

Arc can offer our customers

  • substantial savings on postage,
  • handle all the paperwork required,
  • sort, label and bundle the mailing using our state-of-the-art mailers software.
  • One of the benefits of our software is that it checks your address list for updated addresses and automatically makes any needed corrections as it is sorting.

    We can cut the cost of mailing to 200 or more recipients and will even collate, stuff and seal each piece for you, saving your staff time they would otherwise spend preparing anything from simple one page to several page envelopes or booklets for mailing.

    We will make every effort to meet any deadlines you have, within reason. Generally, the turn-around time for a 1,000+ piece mailing is 2 days.

    Contact Lisa McCoy, Operations Manager, at 260-563-8411 for more information and job quotes.

    The people served by Arc in our Sheltered Workshop earn money by collating, folding, envelope stuffing, stamping, sealing, labeling and bundling mailings. So, any job we can do for you will benefit people with disabilities in Wabash County.